First pictures of French Resistance killed by Nazi firing squad

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The only photos of French Resistance agents facing the firing squad at the Nazis' largest execution site in France are on public display for the first time.

They are being displayed to the public for the first time in Mont Valérien, a 19th century fort outside Paris where the Nazis executed more than 1,000 resistance fighters and hostages during the Second World War – the largest number in one site in France.

The Nazis arrested Resistance members and "hostages" – mainly Communists or Jews arrested in reprisal for the death of German soldiers – and sentenced them to death in military tribunals. The convicted were then driven by military lorries to the isolated fort, west of Paris. They were kept in a chapel, and some of their scrawled final messages on the walls with their name, date of death and "Vive la France" have just been restored....

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