First World War Bosnian postcard finally reaches family

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A postcard sent home by a Bosnian soldier in the First World War has finally reached his family after 95 years, thanks to an antique collector who delivered it personally to the man's grandson after buying it at a fair in California.

For Nihad Eric Dzinovic, a 63-year-old retired jeweller living in California, it was as if one of the 200,000 old postcards he collected over the decades had come alive: In front of him stood someone who greatly resembled a face on the card mailed nearly a century ago.

Mr Dzinovic often visits his native Sarajevo; sometimes he brings old cards he has acquired to show friends and local collectors. This week, he told how he accidentally met Nadir Bicakcic, who was looking around a local antique shop in downtown Sarajevo, and the name rang a bell.

The next day he found the 48-year-old dentist and pulled out a postcard he had recently bought for $50 at a Long Beach antique show....

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