Medieval three lions badge found in UK looks like Soccer logo

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An archaeologist who found a medieval badge featuring the England football team's three lions logo hopes it will prove a good World Cup omen.

The copper piece was found in the ground last week in a stone wall in Coventry by Caroline Rann.

The badge, thought to be from a horse's harness, is believed to date from the 13th Century.

A Football Association spokesman said its resemblance to the England logo was "uncanny".

Ms Rann found the badge as she investigated a medieval stone wall in Parkside.

She said it had become lodged between sandstone blocks and it may have fallen in while the wall was being built.

"This has been hidden for hundreds of years and for it to appear now has to be a sign that England will go all the way in the World Cup," she said.

"It is very pretty and you can see clearly the three lions on it," she said....

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