50 years later, "To Killl a Mockingbird" still as popular

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Fifty years after being published, To Kill A Mockingbird is still devoured by students, while simultaneously loved by their parents. But is it just a sentimental children's book?

It's just ahead of the Bible in the nation's affections.

On the eve of its 50th birthday, To Kill A Mockingbird still has a generation of schoolchildren transfixed, while regularly figuring high on lists of the country's "favourite books".

A poll for World Book Day placed it fifth, behind Pride and Prejudice but ahead of the Bible. A similar BBC one puts it sixth. And a survey of British librarians rated it the book they would most recommend.

Within its 300 pages, the small fictional town of Maycomb in the Depression-ravaged American South is memorably evoked by Harper Lee. Her debut novel was a huge critical and commercial success, earning the Pullitzer Prize and sales which now number 30 million. She has not published another novel since....

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