Mark Twain memoir and the 'filthy-minded' secretary

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Mark Twain's scandalous relationship with his "filthy-minded and salacious" secretary, Isabel Van Kleek Lyon, is to be revealed in memoirs published 100 years after the author's death.

The unedited 5,000-page autobiography, which Twain refused to make public during his lifetime, will lay bare his feelings for Isabel Van Kleek Lyon.

The book is likely to shatter the myth that America's great writer and humourist was a cheerful old man, instead detailing his petty rages and uncomplimentary views of contemporaries.

Before his death in 1910, Twain decreed that his full manuscript should not be published for a century so that he would be "dead, and unaware, and indifferent" and could speak his "whole frank mind"....

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