Book on Chavez in prison, “I saw him cry”, triggers controversy

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Agustin Blanco Muñoz, PhD in Social Sciences from the Central University of Venezuela said the book is based on testimonies from retired Army Captain Otto Gebauer who by random was sent by the rebellious Army high command to custody Chavez while retained.

“Gebauer was sent to custody the man that had resigned to his post as president of Venezuela. At that moment he went to the room where Chavez was being held and found him crying. When he asks Chavez why the tears, the then former president said because he wasn’t allowed to leave for Cuba”, said Blanco Muñoz.

The Venezuelan leader had repeatedly denied the version of the former Venezuelan Army intelligence Captain who was in charge of looking after him April 11/13.

“I never collapsed morally or spiritually during the days I was imprisoned”, Chavez stated before the official commission that investigated events of April 2002.

However, former Captain Otto Gebauer said that Chavez while in captivity was “run down and at one moment was crying” because he was “pleading in tears to be sent to Cuba”....

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