Mismarked Graves Cited in Arlington Ousters

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The U.S. Army forced out the top two officials at Arlington National Cemetery Thursday after a seven-month investigation uncovered widespread mismanagement of the military's most hallowed burial ground, including at least 211 graves that were either unmarked or had mismarked headstones.

Only two of the graves involved soldiers killed in the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Lt. Gen. Steven Whitcomb, the Army's inspector general; those two were mismarked and quickly corrected, he said.

The vast majority of the graves involved were in sections of the cemetery dedicated to the dead of previous conflicts, though Army officials said that because of poor recordkeeping uncovered by the investigation, it was unclear which wars the fallen soldiers were involved in.

"There's simply no excuse," said Army Secretary John McHugh, in announcing the inquiry's findings at a Pentagon news conference. "I deeply apologize to the families of the honored fallen resting in that hallowed ground who may now question the care afforded to their loved ones."...

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