Gettysburg-area Casino Proposal Prompts Outcry

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If you like gambling you may not have to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to hit the casino. Four resorts across the state of Pennsylvania are vying for the right to have slots and table games.

But one proposed location just a half-mile from the historic Gettysburg Civil War battlefield is sparking an outcry from preservationists.

"It's incredibly disrespectful," says Susan Paddock, who lives within a mile of the park and opposes the casino being built at the site of a convention center. "It has no redeeming social value and it's going to hurt Gettysburg and it's going to hurt our family-friendly, diverse small town atmosphere--our rural community. It just doesn't belong here."

The proposed Mason Dixon Casino would include 600 slots and 50 table games. Proponents say it will bring 375 jobs to Adams County, Pennsylvania....

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