Beachcomber stumbles upon historical shipwreck

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Ray Midgett hunts the Corolla beaches on the Outer Banks of North Carolina almost every day.

Midgett drives his pickup truck right onto the beach using the access road near the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. With a metal detector and shovel in tow, he's uncovered everything from antique coins to wedding rings.

Yet his biggest discovery came in December when he located the remains of a historical shipwreck.

The wreckage, hidden under the sand for centuries, became fully exposed after a winter of brutal Nor'easters, making it the oldest shipwreck found off the coast of North Carolina.

Midgett and other beachcombers had discovered a number of relics near the shipwreck's beach grave site, including coins believed to be from the reign of Louis XIII in France and Charles I in England, lead bale seals used for identification, and spoons dating to the mid-1600s.

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