The last 100 children of Civil War soldiers fading fast

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Jim Brown grew up in the Civil War's shadow, listening to stories of the fighting from a father who lived it.

"He was in it from the beginning at Manassas to the end at Appomattox," Brown said. "He'd be amazed to see the changes today."

At 98, Brown's part of an exclusive group -- the surviving children of Civil War soldiers, removed by a single generation from the nation's bloodiest conflict. Records show fewer than 100 sons and daughters of the blue and gray veterans remain nationwide.

Tennessee boasts four Confederate sons -- two in the Knoxville area, including Brown -- along with a Union son and daughter.

Historians hope to see members of that club hang around long enough to help celebrate the war's 150th anniversary, which begins next year.

"As you might imagine, they're going away pretty quickly," said Ben Sewell, executive director of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. "We know of 32 Confederate real sons across the country, and we're losing them at the rate of about five to nine per year....

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