U.S. history panelists express “collective disgust” over SBOE changes

Historians in the News

A majority of the panel that wrote the high school U.S. history curriculum standards issued a statement on Wednesday expressing “collective disgust … at the distorted culmination of our work” by the State Board of Education.

“We feel that the SBOE’s biased and unfounded amendments undercut our attempt to build a strong, balanced and diverse set of standards,” according to the statement, which is signed by six of the nine appointed members of the writing panel. “Texans should be outraged at the ways in which the SBOE rewrote the (curriculum) without regard to standard historical interpretations.”

Four of the signatories are high school teachers and two are college professors, who were appointed by three Democrats and three Republicans on the board. They wrote that they had stayed out of the public fray until now out of frustration and to return to their jobs....

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