Rare film footage found from the Lakes District in England

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A LOCAL historian has unearthed rare film footage of three Lake District events taken more than half a century ago.

Judith Keep, a retired teacher who wants to set up a history group in Hawkshead, was given a surprise when she spotted herself on recordings of the 1953 Grasmere Rushbearing and the Hawkshead May Queen Festival the same year.

The archive was contained on DVDs made by 101-year-old Ellaline Jennings, a former teacher who now lives in St Helens.

“I couldn’t believe I was looking at myself and I never knew I had been filmed at the age of nine,” said Mrs Keep.

“My father died when I was 17. There was a shot that clearly identifies our family on this DVD of Grasmere Rushbearing. It was quite an emotional moment to watch it.”

As well as the two 1953 events, the silent films also show the 1952 Langdale May Queen Festival and walking holidays which Miss Jennings went on with her students from Grange Park Secondary Modern School, St Helens....

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