Making 'Mr. Nixon' proud

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For almost four decades Edward Finch Cox has lived on the periphery of politics.

Actually, the last time most Americans even took notice of Cox was in 1971 during his storybook wedding to Richard Nixon's oldest daughter in the White House Rose Garden. In the years that followed, the tall, fair-haired Cox turned up often by the side of his shamed father-in-law with the 5 o'clock shadow. The Harvard-trained lawyer altogether served three presidents, legions of legal clients, boards of trustees and good-government panels. He was also a regular at countless GOP fundraisers — the Manhattan blue blood looking at ease in a tuxedo.

Now, at 63, Cox has finally moved from stagehand to director, in the thick of a political drama.

He is the latest chairman of the New York Republican Party and has taken it upon himself to seek redemption for the GOP in this bluest of states. Some would argue he is also seeking deliverance for the family name....

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