Modern Syria sheds inhibitions about its tumultuous past

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Damascus: Syria has increasingly been reconnecting with its past and historical figures who have largely been persona non grata in the past few decades.

Radwan Atassi, the grandson of former president Hashem Al Atassi and a historian of modern Syria, says this change could be attributed to a number of recent developments.

“The government is no longer passive about that period of history as five decades have already passed,” Atassi told Gulf News.

“Reconnecting also creates an identity for Syrians to build on and the new generation under the age of 50 has renewed interest in learning about their modern history which for a period of many years became unknown to most Syrians.”

“Whereas the past used to be looked upon as grim, a new phenomenon is occuring where it is being romantisised as if it had no shortcomings or mistakes, which was not the case at all.”...

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