French Jewish grandmother banned from telling school gendarmes handed her over to Nazis

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A Jewish grandmother has been banned from telling schoolchildren it was French gendarmes who handed her over to the Nazis during the Second World War for deportation to Auschwitz.

During the war, Ida Grinspan, now 79, was deported to the Nazi death camp in German-occupied Poland in 1944 but was one of the few survivors to make it back to France.

She wrote a letter about her wartime experiences to children at a school in Parthenay, western France.

But when the town's deputy mayor, Michel Birault, a former policeman, found out she was to tell the children it was "gendarmes" who arrested her aged 14, it was censored.

Mayor Xavier Argenton then said she could only speak to the teenagers if she referred to the police simply as 'men'....

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