NY-19: Candidate says GOP liberated Europe in WWII

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This promises to be a bizarre political year, with GOP candidates not only running to the far right, but veering way off track. Earlier this week, Republican Senate candidate Sue Lowden of Nevada grabbed the crazy baton from Rep. Michele Bachman when she suggested that people should barter and haggle with their doctors for health care, rather than rely on insurance. But what she said is nothing compared to what the newly minted challenger to Congressman John Hall said in her candidacy's opening days.

What's below the fold will shock you.

Kristia Cavere is the Tea Party and a Republican candidate for New York's 19th Congressional District seat held by Hall. Cavere thinks that the Democrats have co-opted Republican values and claims, among other things, that:

"The Republicans are the ones who liberated Europe in World War II."

She continued by saying that the Republicans have always initiated"every" advancement of freedom in our history.

"Unfortunately, today there are many Republicans in office who are cowards and who are bad communicators," she said."We have the right ideas, the right principles, the right philosophy and history on our side."

Her comments appeared in the April 23 edition of the Record-Review, a newspaper that serves Pound Ridge and Bedford, NY. The newspaper has not printed an online version of the article....

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Greg L Reinders - 5/3/2010

These a some of the battiest comments I have ever heard from the far right; flies in the face of all the contemporary WWII file archives showing Democrat Franklin Roosevelt and very late Truman running the US part of the war. How could any of these people be considered for public office. This is off the woo woo scale.