Nixon papers moving to Yorba Linda

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Labeled, shipped and reshelved, an estimated 40 million-plus pages of letters, photographs and other documents will arrive in Yorba Linda over the next several weeks as the Richard M. Nixon presidential archive finishes its 2,600-mile ride from Maryland.

The archive will arrive from College Park at an interval of three trucks per week until the end of May.

By then, all classified and unclassified materials – except for the notorious White House tapes – will be available for inspection in the basement of the Nixon Presidential Library & Museum on Yorba Linda Boulevard.

Last year the Nixon library and museum saw an estimated 95,000 patrons, a figure that administrators hope will increase thanks to upcoming shows and the inclusion of artifacts brought to California.

Visitors coming in solely to view the archives aren't expected to make a huge difference in museum patronage. Administrators at the Nixon museum said other presidential libraries report that less than 1 percent of museum attendees each year come to visit their archives....

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