Plans for Austria's Nazi-era flak towers spark controversy

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Scattered through Vienna are six huge anti-aircraft towers, a grim reminder of the city's Nazi past.

The flak towers were put up during the Second World War between 1942 and 1945. They were built in pairs in parks in the heart of the city.

Guns to shoot down Allied fighter planes were placed high on the concrete bastions and hundreds of civilians took shelter inside during bombing raids.

But the architectural historian, Ute Bauer, who is taking part in a study of the towers, says their main purpose was propaganda.

"The towers were meant as a sign of the military strength of the Third Reich, to show that the allied bombers could be defeated.

"In 1943 when the towers were built, the authorities already knew the bombers flew higher - so they were of no military use, but they built them regardless."...

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