John Quincy Adams letter found in Mass. city hall

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A letter penned by the nation's sixth president, John Quincy Adams, has been found in a dusty box in a Massachusetts city hall's basement.

The letter, dated Sept. 8, 1826, outlines the burial wishes of his father, John Adams, the nation's second president. It was recently discovered by a city attorney who was combing through some old records in Quincy City Hall.

John Quincy Adams wrote that his father, who had died two months earlier, and his mother, Abigail Adams, wished to be buried in the First Parish Church, and that a "plain and modest monument" be built in their memory.

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Jim Cooke - 10/8/2010

Back again, so soon!
The letter is dated 1828 - not 1826.

Jim Cooke - 10/8/2010

There is nothing contained in the "discovered" letter that was not already known. The contents of the letter were known.
Neither John nor Abigail Adams ever expressed any wish to be interred in the first Parish Church - nor "interned" for that matter as many would have it. I believe the idea originated with their eldest son, JQA who wrote the letter. His youngest son, Charles Francis Adams saw to it that his father and mother was similarly disposed in 1852.