England 'least patriotic' country

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England is the least patriotic country in Europe, with just one in three British people aware of the date of St George's Day a survey has shown.

Only a third of people were aware that the celebration of St George was this Friday, while forty per cent did not know why he is the patron saint, a study revealed yesterday. (MON)

Political correctness and a fear of appearing racist were said to be the main factors in the apparent lack of patriotism in England, along with the increasing influence of the European Union.

Six per cent of English men and women are "scared" to fly the St George's Cross, while one in six fear they would be told to take it down according to the report, commissioned by This England magazine.

Twenty per cent blamed a broken society for their lack of patriotism, while half said they had been patriotic in the past.

The survey, which questioned 5,820 adults in nine European countries including Scotland, Wales and The Republic of Ireland, found that The Netherlands was the most patriotic European country.

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