5 presidents more 'radical' than Obama

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Newt Gingrich called President Obama "the most radical president in American history" at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference last week.

The leader of the 1994 Republican Revolution is a smart man and a historian, so he must know better. But he's also exploring a run for president, an action that frequently suspends good judgment in pursuit of sound bites. Perspective is the first thing abandoned in hyper-partisan attacks.

So here is a look at five presidents who, it could be argued, exceed Obama in the "radical" sweepstakes.

• Franklin D. Roosevelt
• John Adams
• Andrew Jackson

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Alan Varagona - 4/15/2010

John P. Avlon is obviously not a historian.

His stated metrics for deciding how radical presidents may be have no consistency. Given this explanation, there is no wonder that he claims that one cannot determine how radical a president is.

- Poorly thought-out and obtusely written commentary.