North Korea pledges to stop returning U.S. war dead

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North Korea accused the United States on Monday of ignoring its efforts to return remains of American soldiers who were killed in the Korean War in the 1950s and threatened to stop collecting and returning the bodies.

The North's military said it informed the U.S. twice this year of "a number of" remains of U.S. troops found during land realignment and farming preparations in 10 different locations. But the U.S. Defense Department has not offered a concrete response and asked the North to wait, it said.

"Though lots of U.S. remains are being dug out and scattered here and there in our country, our side will no longer be concerned about it," said a military statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.

The Korean War ended in a 1953 cease-fire that has never been replaced by a peace treaty — leaving the Korean peninsula technically still at war. About 8,000 U.S. servicemen are listed as missing from the conflict....

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