Jesus was son of an architect, book claims

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Jesus was the son of a middle-class, highly educated architect, according to a new book, which claims the previous belief that Joseph worked as a carpenter has distorted the Bible's meaning.

The book- The Jesus Discovery- claims that Jesus rose to become the most senior Rabbi of his time, thus explaining how he was able to exert such influence and why his teachings became such a concern to the authorities.

Author Dr Adam Bradford, who works as a GP, drew his conclusions after studying and comparing the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures, as well as using human psychology to analyse the behaviour towards Jesus as depicted in the Bible.

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tim stone - 4/9/2010

I checked this out and there is an mp3 link to a lecture the guy gave at
Seems the new connection is that Joseph Jesus' (step)father trained the priests which King Herod needed to build the Temple. If so that would place Jesus at the heart of the Temple, which was the place of learning. Seems that 30 is the age Rabbis are given the all-clear to go public. So maybe the 'missing years' are not so mysterious after all. Jesus was called Rabbi often enough.

tim stone - 4/4/2010

Wow! Totally new view. Not an uneducated itinerant - the opposite.