Argentina to see biggest anti-British protests for years

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Britons have been warned to stay away from marches in Buenos Aires on Friday as thousands are expected to mass for Argentina's biggest anti-British protests in years.

The controversy surrounding plans to drill for oil in the waters surrounding the islands has stoked hostility in recent weeks.

Demonstrators will march on the British Embassy in the capital to mark the April 2 anniversary of the Argentina's brief occupation of the Falkland Islands during the 1982.

This year's memorial has been given extra impetus due to recent oil exploration off the islands' coastline undertaken by British companies, reigniting Argentina's historic claim to the 'Malvinas'.

The march has been organised by the Asociación Civil Combatientes en Malvinas and has the backing of several trade unions.

Marches in previous years have rallied only a few hundred people but organisers are predicting many thousands will take to the streets today to show their anger over the British exploration....

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