Knife crime has grown because the decline of Empire, says Joanna Lumley

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Knife crime has grown because the decline of Empire has given boys no other adventure to take part in, according to Joanna Lumley.

The actress said the rise in youth crime was a consequence of boredom suffered by today’s ‘X Factor Generation’.

Miss Lumley, who has campaigned for Gurkha veterans, said: “Of course they all go about with knives because it’s exciting. Horrifying! I think they’re bored stiff. Nobody’s said, ‘Hey boys, I want you lot in my ship now, we’re off to have a really immense adventure.’

“In the old days, because of Empire, our young men were always going out to do something. And now they’re not. And now we’ve got those same boiling boys and we expect them to sit and watch X Factor! Are we mad?”

There has been a recent spate of knife murders in London with two fatal gang related stabbings of teenagers within the last week alone....

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