Invitation to Charles II coronation to be auctioned

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An invitation to the coronation of Charles II and restoration of the British monarchy after England ceased being a republic is to be auctioned 400 years on.

The handwritten letter was sent from Charles' trusted personal advisor to a nobleman and sets the date of the new king's restoration to the throne in 1661.

The parchment confirms arrangements for a royal procession through London, where Charles was welcomed back after years of exile while Oliver Cromwell was in power.

The letter, which is headed with the king's well-known signature 'Charles R' and marked with his seal, is now being sold at Duke's auctioneers in Dorchester, Dorset.

Dated 1660, it refers to the long-awaited crowning of Charles II, which came 11 years after he fled the country following his father's execution.

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