Hitler sketches that failed to secure his place at art academy to be auctioned

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Drawings believed to be those that Adolf Hitler submitted in a failed attempt to gain entry into the Vienna Academy of Art are to be auctioned.

And a distinguished emeritus dean of art has studied them and said that today they would be considered only up to "moderate GCSE standard."

Some have speculated that Hitler's rejection from art college helped shape his character in later years.

He believed that it was a Jewish professor who had rejected his application to study at the academy.

The works consist of nudes, human figures, various objects and landscapes including buildings.

Most are dated 1908 - the year he was rejected by the academy for the second time and was not even permitted to sit the exam - and some are dated a year later that were added to his portfolio.

Hitler moved to Vienna as a young man in 1905 and lived a bohemian life, making small amounts of money by selling pictures he copied from postcards.

At one point he ended up in a hostel for the homeless and later he claimed it was in Vienna where the fires of his anti-Semitism were ignited....

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