Wristwatches Made of Fossilized Dino Dung

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Yvan Arpa has put dust from the moon and rust from the Titanic in watches. This time, he has gone further by setting fossilized dinosaur excrement into his latest timepieces.

The price tag of 12,000 francs (8,365 euros, $11,265) for the watch, which looks rather rugged and comes with toad skin straps, is reasonable, according to Arpa, who noted that each is a "unique" work which contains a piece of history.

He said tests have shown that the excrement originated from a herbivore, and further investigations are ongoing for the exact dinosaur species.

Arpa, whose label Artya is based in the Geneva region of Vesenaz, explains his approach to watchmaking as one that is "very close to contemporary art."

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