Space Archaeologists Want to Preserve the Moon

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The growing movement for preservation of historical landmarks in outer space -- otherwise known as space archaeology -- just took a giant leap forward.

Californian historical preservationists have registered to protect the remains of the Apollo 11 landing site -- on the moon's famous Sea of Tranquility -- as an official historical resource, giving it protected status.

Beyond the well-known footprints and lunar lander tracks, the site also includes used urine containers, airsickness bags, and more than 100 other items. And space archaeologists applaud the move, calling the site "sacred" to world history, reports Der Spiegel.

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Franklin Aragon - 3/29/2010

I thought when they meant space archaeology I thought they meant unearthing the equivalent of a lunar Sphinx or discovering the equivalent of Stonehenge on the moon. Now that is what people can really sink their teeth in.MAYBE, just maybe when I'm long gone and the human race(hopefully) extends beyond the limits of this galaxy to ensure our progeny. (I also hope that we find a way to cleanse our beloved planet from all the foul, vile substances we have soiled upon it.)