Fossil of 'sand monster' dinosaur found in Utah

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Palaeontologists have unearthed the partial remains of a new species of dinosaur buried in rocks in the western US state of Utah.

Buried by a collapsing sand dune an estimated 185 million years ago, the new dinosaur was probably a plant eater and an early relative of the giant animals later known as sauropods.

Named Seitaad ruessi, the species was 10-to-15 feet long and 3-to-4 feet high. Its bones were found protruding from sandstone at the base of a cliff, directly below an ancient Anasazi cliff dwelling. News of the find was reported by researchers report in the journal PLoS One.

No humans were around at the time of the dinosaurs, but researchers said the bones could well have been visible when the early Indians lived there.

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