Fort Ontario supporters rally to keep historic monument open

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Oswego, NY - Civil War and French and Indian War re-enactors joined politicians and other Fort Ontario supporters at a rally today.

Closing the fort would save the state $110,000, according to the State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. Closing or reducing services to it and 63 other state parks and historic sites would save the state $6.3 million a year.

The fort built on the site of the current attraction was built by the British in 1755. It was 2010-03-14-dn-ontario4.JPGDennis Nett/The Post-StandardChris Piering of Syracuse, re-enacting a Civil War era flag bearer, examines his flag during a rally to keep Fort Ontario open Sunday in Oswego.
destroyed by the French in 1756, and construction of a second British fort at this site began in 1759. This fort was abandoned in late 1777 during the Revolutionary War....

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