No let-up in row over ex-Bosnian leader's arrest

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The arrest of a former Bosnian president is still causing diplomatic fallout, even after the decision by the High Court in London on Thursday to release him on bail.

Ejup Ganic was arrested on 1 March on a Serbian extradition request alleging war crimes committed in 1992. His arrest sparked demonstrations outside the British embassy in Sarajevo and diplomatic protests.

But speaking in London after his release, the Bosnian President Haris Silajdzic said he had told the British Foreign Secretary David Miliband that this was not the end of the matter.

Aside from the question of Mr Ganic's treatment, Bosnia feels Britain has been used as a pawn in a perfidious Serbian game to draw attention away from the trial of Radovan Karadzic in The Hague.

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