Guy Ritchie to direct Hollywood version of King Arthur

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Guy Ritchie is to direct a Hollywood film version of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

The film is to be “reimagined for a modern audience” by the 41-year-old, who separated from Madonna last year, and John Hodge, the Trainspotter screenwriter.

Ritchie has been signed to the project by Warner Brothers, following the success of his latest film, Sherlock Holmes, according to Variety.

That film made $470 million (£314 million) worldwide and reinforced his reputation following a string of flops.

The Dark Ages tale of the sixth-century Celtic king who defended Britain against Saxon invaders will be based in part on Le Morte d’Arthur.

The compilation of Arthurian romances, written in 1485 by Sir Thomas Malory, is one of the most important pieces of Arthurian literature.

The film will reportedly centre around the gathering of the Knights. Industry observers have described it as "The Magnificent Seven in armour", according to The Independent.

The producers behind 300, a 2007 adaptation of a graphic novel which retells the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, a famous Spartan battle.

Ritchie is also scheduled to direct Lobo, a live-action adaptation of the DC Comics drama about an alien bounty hunter.

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