Peru drops some claims against Yale in Machu Picchu controversy

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The government of Peru has withdrawn six of the 17 elements of its 2008 lawsuit against Yale University that demands the return of Inca artifacts removed from Machu Picchu.

Yale holds more than 4,000 pieces excavated from the ancient Peruvian city by history professor Hiram Bingham between 1911 and 1915.

Peru recently filed papers in U.S. Federal Court withdrawing its claims that Yale committed fraud and conspiracy in collecting the artifacts, which include silver statues, jewelry, musical instruments and human bones.

It had previously accused Yale of intending to deceive the South American nation by promising to return the artifacts when they were first taken.

The Associated Press reported that the claims were withdrawn after Peru hired new lawyers who believe the move would simplify the case and resolve the dispute.

"Peru has dropped all claims of Yale having intentionally done anything wrong," Jonathan Freiman, Yale's attorney, told The Associated Press. "We're glad they have done so, but we think the rest of the case is equally misguided and should be withdrawn as well."...

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