U.S. push for former President Ronald Reagan to be immortalised on $50 bill

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A bid to change the face of America’s currency has come under fire from US historians and politicians.

Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry has introduced a new law to replace Ulysses S. Grant with Ronald Reagan on the $50 bill.

The change is designed to coincide with next year’s 100th anniversary of Reagan’s birth.

But Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee, which will vote on the measure, complain they aren’t ready to replace the Civil War general and 18th president with a former Hollywood star whose political legacy is still open to question.

Democrat lawmaker Brad Sherman said he will not vote for a note change for someone ‘whose policies are still controversial'.

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Jeremy Alan Perron - 3/8/2010

Not to mention: won the Civil War

Peggy Hardman - 3/8/2010

Absolutely not! I would never be able to use a $50 again. President Grant earned his place on the bill; what did Reagan ever do to deserve more than a stamp? He did more to hurt the average citizen than help. Both had scandals so that cannot be the determining factor; one led a nation (with much help for sure) out of a civil war, the other invaded Grenada. Pell was cut, social programs cut, civil rights put on back burner during Reagan's time; unions were also harassed. Grant signed into law the 1875 Civil Rights Act and established Yellowstone as a national park. Please, let the money alone, keep Grant on the $50.