200 years of neglect - remains of soldiers neglected and desecrated

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Every day thousands of cars rush by the stone monument just off King Street in Stoney Creek, oblivious to the cannons that point down at them.

The memorial fortification -- with corks at the end of each muzzle to keep the coffee cups and cigarette butts out -- acknowledges fallen soldiers from the bloody Battle of Stoney Creek on what is known as Smith's Knoll.

It's an island of reflection in a sea of urban sprawl that gives the impression that the horrible chapter of history has long since been laid to rest.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Three years before the 200th anniversary, many are saying that generations of Stoney Creek citizens should feel ashamed about the handling of soldiers' remains after the battle.

Hamilton councillor Brad Clark, who represents Stoney Creek, calls it "200 years of neglect....

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