Harvard gets first Egyptologist in 68 years

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This may not mean much to you, but to an amateur archaeologist such as myself, this news is somewhat shocking: Harvard University is only now getting the first Egyptology professor it has employed since the last person holding the job died -- 68 years ago.

The school’s student newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, is reporting that Peter Der Manuelian, a lecturer in Egyptology at Tufts University, will take the job. He has spent years studying and trying to publicize the work of the last Harvard Egyptologist, Professor George A. Reisner, a graduate of the Class of 1889.

Reisner, one of the world’s foremost authorities on ancient Eygpt, died in 1942 when he was on an excavation in Giza, Egypt. Much of his work was left unpublished.

Manuelian is director of the Giza Archives Project at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, a Web-based effort to assemble all of the archaeological information available around the world about the Egyptian Pyramids....

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