For blacks, WWII brought two wars as soldiers discovered racial divide

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They fought in the largest war in history at the same time they were fighting a "war" just as large — the fight against a racial divide between whites and blacks.

For some African-American veterans of World War II, the segregation and animosity between the two races was something of a mystery.

Lloyd Morrison, 92, grew up near Boston, and he didn't know much about segregation until he tried to enter the military.

Morrison scored a 98 percent on his written entry exam for the Army Air Force and his vision was rated at 20/21. He was a perfect specimen to join the Army Air Force. Only the Army Air Force didn't see it that way. He was denied entry for his vision.

"I was stunned," Morrison said.

After asking around, Morrison learned he wasn't accepted because of his skin color, disappointing to a man of intelligence, holding a Harvard degree.

"I was upset by the attitudes of the so-called people in authority," he said....

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