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This year marks the 1600th anniversary of the end of the Roman empire. To mark the occasion, next month’s edition of BBC History Magazine will investigate the reasons behind the empire's collapse and its legacy in Britain. Until then, we've come up with a few suggestions to get you in the mood.

If you’re keen to fine-tune your Roman knowledge, a wide-ranging study of their customs, beliefs and society can be found on the BBC History site. Or, for a more general overview of the Imperial decline, take a look at the timeline here

After a more detailed account? There is a wealth of debate amongst historians surrounding the end of the Roman empire. If you fancy dipping into the world of scholarly thought, the straightforward introduction to academic discussions found here is a good place to start. Or to really get involved, why not attend one of the many Roman conferences to be held around the country in 2010? A few suggestions can be found here.

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Jeremy Alan Perron - 2/22/2010

Well it was the end of the Empire is far as they were concerned.

David Austin Walsh - 2/19/2010

Presumably, the BBC meant that it is the 1600th anniversary of the end of Roman rule in *Britain* and the 1600th anniversary of Alaric's sack of Rome.

Gibbon's date of the fall of the Roman Empire is 476, and if you count the Eastern Empire, Rome did not vanish from this Earth until 1453 (but by then, the Eastern Empire could hardly be called either Roman or an Empire).