Interview with Architect Daniel Libeskind

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Exactly 65 years ago, on Feb. 13, 1945, Allied bombers decimated the city of Dresden with a deadly combination of explosive and incendiary bombs. The resulting firestorm killed some 25,000 people and left the city in ruins.

It was not the most deadly of the many firestorms Allied planes visited upon Nazi Germany during World War II. But for many, it has become a symbol of excessive violence. Many in Germany's far right, in fact, refer to the event as the "bombing Holocaust," an apparent attempt to relativize Nazi Germany's enormous World War II crimes. Saturday will once again see neo-Nazis descend on Dresden for a demonstration.

Meanwhile, the city continues to rebuild, with many of Dresden's historical structures now returned to their pre-war glory. In addition, a remodelling of Germany's military museum in Dresden is currently underway that has been designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. SPIEGEL ONLINE spoke with Libeskind about Dresden's relationship to its past and about the challenges of designing a military museum for Germany....

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