King Tut died of malaria and bone condition, says new research

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Egyptian pharaoh King Tutankhamun may have died from malaria, new research indicates.

The cause of the famous teenage king's death has long been a mystery, with a range of theories as to how he met his end.

But now scientists, who have analysed DNA from royal mummies, have managed to create a family tree for the ruler, and believe he may have died from a combination of malaria and bone abnormalities.

But scientists have now analysed a number of artefacts from his tomb as well as the bodies of mummies they can confirm are related to him, and believe they are a step closer to solving the riddle.

The team, from the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Cairo, spent more than two years studying eleven royal mummies, including Tut himself, using anthropological, radiological, and genetic techniques.

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