Italian police reopen murder case 450 years after crime

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For centuries it had been thought that Baroness Laura Lanza was murdered by her father, Cesare, in an "honour killing" for which he was later pardoned.

But the hilltop town of Carini in Sicily believes that Cesare Lanza may have acted in league with the baroness's husband, Don Vincenzo La Grua, who wanted to remarry.

Her husband also feared that her lover might have tried to claim a part of his estate had she had children from her illicit affair.

The baroness was killed in 1563 in Carini's 11th century castle when she and her lover, Ludovico Vernagallo, were caught in bed together.

"Justice wasn't done back then," said Gaetano La Fata, the mayor of the town 20 miles from Palermo, who has decided to reopen the case and exhume the remains of the lovers....

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