New biography of Eva Braun by German historian Heike B. Goertemaker creating a stir

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She was the mystery figure at Hitler's side that the world never knew about during the lifespan of the Third Reich.

Now the first comprehensive biography of Eva Braun reveals how the hidden First Lady of Nazism was the polar opposite of everything her beloved Adolf decreed should be found in a woman.

'Eva Braun: Life With Hitler,' by renowned German historian Heike B. Goertemaker, paints Eva not as an air-head besotted by a dominant man, but a fiercely loyal, independent thinker at odds with Hitler's public proclamations about 'the fairer sex'....

Goertemaker writes of how the blonde, blue-eyed, Eva touched something in the cold heart of Hitler.

It was her personality, her charm and her independence which captivated Hitler until they died together in Berlin on April 30 1945.

In her 350 page book she writes: 'She was completely different from the standard portrait of her. She was capricious but an uncompromising proponent of absolute loyalty to the dictator....

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