Fairfield’s Voices of Youth tells black history through music

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The African American Voices of Youth will add a musical element to the discussion on black history.

The high school social service organization will present “History through Music: African American Creativity from Gospel to Hip-Hop” later in February, which is also Black History Month. Social studies teacher and organization adviser Damien Strecker said part of the group’s responsibility is to educate the community.

“Some students, at least in the classes I teach, question the purpose of Black History Month. But for me, personally, I always say 11 months out of the year you don’t always hear these stories that are part of the American experience,” Strecker said. “There’s absolutely no way to truly understand the American experience unless you do get these other narratives.”

The group — which normally presents a play for Black History Month — decided to tell black history with the music closely associated with the culture....

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