Skepticism over claims of Demjanjuk witness

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A top German investigator said Thursday he is skeptical about a new claim by a Sobibor survivor who says he remembers John Demjanjuk as a guard at the Nazi death camp.

Thomas Walther, who led the investigation that prompted Germany to prosecute Demjanjuk, said if survivor Alexej Weizen did remember Demjanjuk, it almost certainly would have come up before in the roughly 30 years the retired U.S. autoworker has faced investigations of his past.

Weizen had given statements previously to Soviet investigators and Demjanjuk had a high-profile trial in Israel in the 1980s.

"When now there is a trial and he suddenly says 'I know him' I'm very skeptical," Walther told The Associated Press. "Why did he not remember him when there was the trial in Israel, or when it was all over the press in the U.S.?"...

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