Record £65m paid for Alberto Giacometti bronze sculpture at Sotheby's auction

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An Alberto Giacometti bronze sculpture has become the most expensive piece of art to sell at auction after it was sold in London for more than £65million.

The sculpture, considered to be one of the most important by the 20th century Swiss artist, was estimated to sell for between £12 million and £18 million.

The previous record was a Picasso painting, Boy with a Pipe, which was his haunting Rose Period portrait of a youngster called "Little Louis", who used to hang around his studio in Paris, which was sold for $104million (£58.5m) in 2004.

It eclipsed the previous record of $82.5 million paid for Van Gogh's Portrait of Dr Gachet in 1990 and also became the first $100million painting

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