U.S. Encyclopedia Apologizes for Mangling Irish Civil War History

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[Note: The original headline on FOX News read"British Encyclopedia Apologizes for Mangling Irish Civil War History." Encyclopaedia Britannica has been an American publication since 1901.] Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc. apologized Wednesday for mangling the history of the Irish Civil War, a longtime screw-up detected only this year when an Internet version of the reference book was supplied to Ireland's 4,000 schools.

A concise version of the Britannica first published seven years ago and used initially on hand-held devices has falsely described Ireland's 1922-23 civil war as a fight between the Catholic south and Protestant north.

In reality, the civil war took place entirely south of the border, between two groups of Irish Catholic nationalists. The opposing sides were the fledgling army of the newly formed Irish Free State, which supported the Anglo-Irish treaty that created the state, and rebels who rejected it for failing to deliver full-fledged independence. The Irish Free State evolved over decades into today's Republic of Ireland.

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Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs - 2/3/2010

Perhaps the headline could be updated, unless Chicago is now in Britain.