Nazi doctor Josef Mengele's diary up for sale

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Nazi memorabilia collectors are expected to push the price for the diary and letters of the "Angel of Death" responsible for thousands of murders at Auschwitz to at least £40,000.

Infamous as Hitler's "Angel of Death", Mengele experimented on prisoners at the death camp without anaesthetic and became obsessed with twins, hoping to be able to clone perfect specimens of the Aryan race.

His diary's eclectic and often mundane contents include praise for British rule in India and his love of Boris Pasternak's novel Dr Zhivago. But he also makes chilling references to his wartime atoricities. Unless the world adopts the breeding programmes of the kind he pursued in Auschwitz, he wrote, "mankind is doomed".

"Inferior mornons," he wrote when describing "lesser races" he believed should be exterminated. He then moved seamlessly on to how pleased he is with himself for freeing a cow trapped in mud...

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