A History of Guernsey told through Maurice's pipe

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"He was just in a green uniform with 25 others - he was there for half a minute, and then gone."

This is all Maurice Sangan remembers of the German prisoner who traded him a hand-carved wooden pipe for tobacco.

He got in touch with BBC Guernsey when he heard the A History of the World project was looking for your objects....

Maurice still has the pipe to this day - having only smoked it once.

"Well I didn't want to damage it - didn't want to wear it out, because its quite a fragile thing... I thought it was a lovely thing."

Maurice said the pipe had travelled all over the world with him wherever he lived, or was stationed in the Royal Air Force.

For the young Maurice, who collected pipes at the time, the object was a welcome acquisition.

He said he had never seen anything like it since.

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