Peruvian historian Antonio Zapata leaves successful TV history series to return to academia

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After nine years directing a history series for national television, historian Antonio Zapata has decided it is time to go back to university to teach and do research full time.

Sucedió en el Perú has been broadcast on the national television channel, Canal 7, since 2001 and has dealt with a wide range of historical topics (are there any left to cover?).

During what is effectively the last decade Zapata has gained a reputation for extremely clear, simple and yet erudite explanations of sometimes complex and controversial historical topics. He has given space to an impressive roll-call of specialist historians and during interviews he has been quick to intervene when experts veer off track or fail to clarify an issue.

In an article titled "Adios a Canal 7" published in La Republica earlier this month, Zapata explained that during that period, "I have tried to create a bridge between academic and popular knowledge of history. My assessment is that there is a gulf between them, and my purpose was to narrow that gap, using clear and direct language that is entertaining and at the same time enlightening. The privileged audience of this program have been the teachers, only they can educate and influence people across the country."

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